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Even in today’s market, some homes won’t sell for a variety of reasons. Or the owners may need a guaranteed sale in a short amount of time.

Those reasons can include being behind on taxes, divorce, death of a loved one, inheritance, a home that needs extensive repairs, job loss, facing a short sale or a looming foreclosure.

The amount we pay for a house depends on the comparable value of other homes in the neighborhood as well as the amount of work needed to renovate it. After touring a house,we can usually make an offer within 24 hours and since the company pays cash, closing can be within as little as a week.

We offer advantages that similar national companies cannot because we know the Kansas City area real estate market and local home values, we use our own construction company to do the renovation and all of the money generated by buying, renovating and reselling the homes stays here. These advantages allow us to pay more than our competitors.

​KC Property Pros we buy houses for cash!

Your LOCAL Home Buyers.​